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Bolderline - Brick Matching Game

Description :
Bolderline is a brand new minimalist puzzle game with colorful blocks that will challenge your brain. Your goal is to destroy the blocks in the top left area using bricks on the bottom side. You must arrange the bricks with the same color to match the shape of the block and then connect them to destroy it!

Released : 2018

Platform :

Technology Used :

Role :
I independently developed an entire game, encompassing gameplay mechanics, UI design, rigorous testing, intricate level design, and seamless integration into both Google Play and Kongregate platforms.
For this project, I harnessed the power of the Urho3D game engine, employing AngelScript as the gameplay programming language and C/C++ for engine-level programming. This combination allowed me to create a robust and engaging gaming experience.
It's worth noting that the asset and design elements were thoughtfully crafted by my friend, Crescentyr, adding a unique and visually stunning dimension to the game.
Additionally, I seamlessly integrated the Android version of the game with Google Play Services. Leveraging Android Studio, I adeptly combined code from both C and Java (JNI) to ensure smooth cross-platform functionality.