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Git scenario 1 : Urgent bug report

You're working on a software project and are in the middle of implementing a new feature in your branch. However, you receive an urgent bug report that requires your immediate attention.
You don't want to commit your incomplete work, so you decide to use git stash to temporarily save your changes and switch to a different branch to fix the bug.

1. Check your current branch: #

git branch


* feature-branch

You are currently on the feature-branch.

2. Save your changes to a stash: #

git stash save "Work in progress on new feature"

This command stashes the changes with a descriptive message.

3. Check the list of stashes: #

git stash list


stash@{0}: On feature-branch: Work in progress on new feature

4. Switch to another branch: #

git checkout bug-fix-branch

The developer is now on the bug-fix-branch to address the urgent bug.

5. Fix the bug: #

// Make necessary code changes to fix the bug

6. Commit the bug fix: #

git commit -m "Fixed the critical bug"

The bug is fixed, and the changes are committed.

7. Switch back to the feature branch: #

git checkout feature-branch

The developer returns to the feature-branch.

8. Apply the stashed changes: #

git stash apply stash@{0}

The previously stashed changes are applied to the feature-branch. The developer can continue working on the new feature from where they left off.

9. Check the status: #

git status

The developer sees the unstashed changes and can proceed with feature development.